2018 Presenter

Tim Hurson

Tim Hurson lives in Toronto, ON and is presenting:

Throughout his career, Tim has helped global corporations solve problems and seize opportunities. He spent 15 years as a founding partner of Manifest Communications, where he discovered the unique synergy to be had by combining the principles of creative thinking, marketing, and sales.

The result of his experience in both marketing/sales and strategic innovation is the basis for the principles and tools in his books: Think Better and Never Be Closing (co-written with Tim Dunne). He is currently working on a new project: Do it Better.

Tim speaks around the world about how to develop creative leadership to manage change rather than be swamped by it, and has guest lectured in business schools in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Chile, and Australia. He is a founding director of several no-for-profit organizations, including Mindcamp.

Tim thinks the phrase “out of the box thinking” should be put back in the box and buried in a deep hole.

In the past, Tim has presented:

  • Creative Process Foot Camp: 12 simple steps to thinking better (2017)
  • Time Being: Experiments in resetting your internal clock (2017)
  • Writing Freely (2017)
  • Warp Speed Creativity Bring a problem. Bring your feet (Really?). Expect the unexpected. (2016)
  • Writing Freely (2015)
  • Fun with Tetrads (2015)
  • Never Be Closing: Advice for the accidental salesperson (2014)
  • Tolerating Ambiguity: Living in the “I don’t know” (2014)
  • Facilitating in Your Underwear: What to do when you are caught with your pants down! (2014)
  • Youth, Adult, Elder: Turning over the puzzle pieces of age, stage, and gender (2013)
  • The Treescape Experience: Enhancing LeaderShift (2012)
  • Writing Freely (2012)
  • Leadershift: To change what you see, change where you stand (2012)
  • Look Again (Again): How to see what’s really there (2011)
  • Stop converging like a sissy! And start converging like a cowboy! (2011)
  • Look Again How to see what’s really there… at home, on the job, in your life (2010)
  • Say Hello to Your Discomfort Zone (2009)
  • Great Answer! (Wrong Question) (2008)
  • Writing to Be (2008)
  • Great Answer! (Wrong Question) (2007)
  • ALTER: a way back to the future (2006)
  • Art Gallery of Your Mind (2006)
  • GaleForce Thinking: How to Brainstorm When You’re the Only Cloud in the Room (2005)
  • Think Better! (2005)
  • Gale-Force Thinking: How to Brainstorm When You’re the Only Cloud in the Room (2004)
  • I’m firm. You’re obstinate. He’s a pig-headed fool. (2004)
  • Taming the Gator (2003)


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