2018 Presenter

Nicole Dobinson

Nicole Dobinson lives in Toronto, ON and is presenting:

With a background in International Relations, Nicole has worked at home and abroad as a capacity builder, strategic planner and adviser for government, new business and the UN.

A dancer at heart, she combines her love of tango and salsa with all the Latin world has taught her about creativity, expression and passion. Weaving into this, Eastern healing methods, Shamanism, as well as Theory U, Design Thinking and creative problem solving methods, she works with groups and individuals to achieve holistic and illuminating new ways forward.

She fuels her passion for travel while training, facilitating and coaching others abroad and when at home, is an active part of Toronto’s socially innovative community.

In the past, Nicole has presented:

  • Tango Shining: Dancing your shadow into the light! (2017)
  • Lionhearted Creativity: Creative courage and resilience to gain at any loss (2017)
  • U Lead: Tango as a creative leadership tool (2016)
  • Of Law Dogs and Leaders: An alternative decision-making process for the ages (2016)
  • Awakening The Dreamer: Using indigenous wisdom and tools to awaken the dreamer within (2015)
  • Tango: The creative art of dance (2015)
  • Social Enterprise Structure: Choosing the Ideal Legal Framework for Your Dream Business (2015)
  • Social Enterprise Structure: Choosing the right business model (2014)

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