2018 Presenter

Erin Dixon

Erin Dixon lives in Orillia, ON and is presenting:

Erin shares her Otipemisiwak-Metis heritage, joy of life, and passion for traditional healing to living systems transformation. Erin enjoys co-creating generative spaces; cultivating presence – openness, relational alignment and connection in working together with all of life, seen and unseen, towards harmony and collective thriving. She follows the great wind, and has been called to energize change and harmony in many types of organizing structures; nationally and internationally, from NGOs to government, institutes to enterprises, large volunteer teams to advisory boards, community to youth – all beginning within.

Grounding into the power of place, deep listening, curiosity and care, we walk with vision and rise into possibility together. Erin is grateful to be called to work in many projects; as faculty for Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, an Indigenous Awareness Trainer within the Ontario Provincial Police and in sharing her 17 years practicing energy skill and meditation – mindfulness.

Erin carries a MA in Global Leadership, with post-graduate studies in Eco-psychology, carrying the long view of leadership as liberation. Her recent project wove together a documentary exploring through dialogue, Awakening the Spirit of Place in Transcending Paradigms, nurturing the light of our global – cosmological prophecies.

In the past, Erin has presented:

  • Fire and Water (2017)

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