2018 Presenter

Matteo Catullo

Matteo Catullo lives in Milan, Italy and is presenting:

Graduated in Economy and Commerce, Manager, Consultant, Partner and General manager of Catullo & Sylwan Advertising Agency, Matteo is also a marketing consultant, theater actor, mathematician, poet, and star hunter. He is a co-founder and board member of Creativity European Association (CREA Italia) and of CREA Conference.

Over the last few years, Matteo has developed and co-developed many new programs: Pathfinder, The Art of Deferring Judgment, Creative Convergence, How to Create a Creative Climate, and Look Again.

Matteo is internationally acclaimed for his work in stimulating creative imagination and creative potential. More important, he is father of Gaia and Davide, grandfather of Pietro and Marco, and friend of all creative people. Matteo holds the Italian absolute record and award for the most handshakes and hugs.

In the past, Matteo has presented:

  • Time Being: Experiments in resetting your internal clock (2017)
  • Art of Deferring Judgment: This space intentionally left blank (2016)
  • Fountain of Creativity (2015)
  • CityMapping: A unique way to access your personal or business vision (2014)
  • Art Gallery of Your Mind (2013)
  • Leadershift: To change what you see, change where you stand (2012)
  • The Treescape Experience: Enhancing LeaderShift (2012)
  • Look Again How to see what’s really there… at home, on the job, in your life (2010)
  • Alice in Wonderland (2009)
  • How to Apply the Imagination of Our Dreams (2007)
  • Name Games (2007)
  • The Art Gallery of Your Mind (2005)
  • The Landscape (2005)

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