2018 Presenter

Philippe Brasseur

Philippe Brasseur lives in Brabant, Belgium and is presenting:

Philippe Brasseur studied arts, communication sciences and pedagogy. He worked as an art director, then events organizer and editor in chief of children’s magazines.

Since 2002 he has been a freelance creator (writer & illustrator, painter, graphic facilitator) and “pro”-creator (creativity trainer, speaker, consultant). His two major audiences are companies (he works a lot with CEO’s on creativity and management) and schools (he is passionate about nurturing mental flexibility at the very heart of the curriculum).

As a writer and illustrator, he is the author of a few children’s books and of five books on creativity. These books are about how to be creative in education, with books, with objects, with art. His book How to Think Like an Absolute Genius will be published in English in September. He lives with his wife and four kids in a creative farm near Brussels.

This is Philippe’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.


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