2018 Presenter

Vareia Boxill

Vareia Boxill lives in Toronto, ON and is presenting:

Vareia Boxill is the founder and director of the Technovation Academy of Science and Technology, an innovative curriculum for young people.TAST offers a diverse and innovative range of engineering, science, and technology enrichment programming, facilitated by a keen and ingenious team of instructors and curriculum developers with backgrounds in engineering, science, technology, and education.

Vareia’s mission is to ensure that participants are provided with a fun and engaging learning experience that will foster creativity, ingenuity, analytical and problem solving skills, enthusiasm for learning, and most important, self-esteem.

This year Vareia has developed and will deliver a number of science programs for the Youth Program.

In the past, Vareia has presented:

  • Artbot (Youth Program) (2017)
  • Slime! (Youth Program) (2017)

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