2018 Presenter

Dan Bigonesse

Dan Bigonesse lives in Ottawa, ON and is presenting:

As a trainer and facilitator, Dan has spent the last 17 years helping people expand their thinking and discover new possibilities. With his quick wit, probing questioning skills and productive thinking techniques Dan helps clients engage their whole brain, and find productive solutions to their challenges.

Whether facilitating a training workshop, a new product ideation, a strategic planning session, or just a plain old meeting, Dan brings his positive energy and passion to the task. He is known for delivering high content sessions in a relaxed and entertaining style. Underlying Dan’s passion for productive thinking is a deep commitment to helping people learn and achieve useful outcomes.

Dan is a member of the Creative Education Foundation and on the faculty of the Creative Problem Solving Institute. He is also a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

When not working, you can find Dan training to master the arts of jiu-jitsu, cooking and photography.

In the past, Dan has presented:

  • Develop, Prototype, Iterate: How to take your ideas from good to great (2017)
  • Liberating Structures (2017)
  • Celebrating Complexity: The connection between creativity and tolerating complexity (2016)
  • Creative Thinking Primer: How process + tools can make you more creative (2016)
  • Biomimicry: How to leverage Nature’s genius (2015)
  • WTF!! The Element of Surprise (2014)
  • Inspiring Creativity (2013)
  • Structured Thinking: Simple, repeatable structures to think better (2012)
  • 3½ Tools to Help You Think Better (2011)
  • 3½ Tools to Help You Think Better (2010)
  • The Miracle of the Third Third (2008)
  • The Miracle of the Third Third (2007)
  • It’s Not What You Know, But How You Think (2006)

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