2018 Presenter

Jay Aquilanti

Jay Aquilanti lives in Orange County, CA and is presenting:

Jay Aquilanti, a dual US-Canadian California-based practitioner in creative problem solving (wow – take a breath!), leads a bi-coastal team of Innovation Catalysts for Yellow Shoes, Disney Parks’ in-house creative content group. No challenge is too small for Jay and his team as they work to solve challenges across the Disney Parks portfolio world-wide.

As a 20+-year cast member with he actively takes part in the creativity community having been a past presenter of Mindcamp, CPSI leader and even a red jacket of CREA – yes!

As a Toronto native, Jay has resided in Orange County CA since 2002 with his three daughters, and along with his partner, Tony and his three boys, it’s a Brady Bunch kind of adventure!

Attending Mindcamp for the first time was such a transformative experience, it REMAINS his all-time favorite gathering of a creative community!

In the past, Jay has presented:

  • Normals, Deeps and Weirds. Oh My! (2017)
  • Mental Time Travel: Tap into your past creative genius to fuel future potential (2016)
  • Business Chemotherapy (2013)
  • The Shark Tank: A Disney Imagineer’s approach to disruptive thinking (2012)
  • Cookie Swap: Stock your ‘kitchen’ with a delicious assortment of creativity energizers, tools & exercises (2012)
  • The Shark Tank: A Disney Imagineer’s Approach to Disruptive Thinking (2011)

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