Other Organizations

International Center for Studies in Creativity is Buffalo State’s groundbreaking centre for training students, groups, teams, and organizations in creativity techniques.

Creative Education Foundation® is a non-profit membership organization of leaders in the field of creativity theory and practice.

Facilitators Without Borders is the non-profit organization that is in part funded by Mindcamp. FWB partners with communities in developing countries to help them create indigenous solutions and action plans to solve public sector issues.

Thinkx Intellectual Capital is the main sponsor of Mindcamp.

Creativity Calendar

Florida Creativity Weekend
, Sarasota, Florida

CREA Conference
, Sestri Levante, Italy
Creativity and Innovation Week, April 15-21 everywhere since 2002

Creativity Expert Exchange
, Buffalo, NY, USA

CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute)
, Buffalo, NY, USA

Mindcamp Creativity Weekend
, Toronto, Canada (Hooray! That’s us!)

Acre International Creativity Conference In Africa
, Bela-Bela, South Africa