Wabi-sabi and the Shake

Mindcamp Article, Mindcamp 2018, Video

A stunning video illustration of how embracing limitation can liberate oceans of creative thought and action—the essence of Mindcamp’s wabi-sabi theme this year. Possibly the most exhilarating ten minutes you’ll spend this weekend.

Humble Advice

Mindcamp Fun, Mindcamp 2018, Video

Jim Ridge and I created a prototype for a micro-video series we’re thinking of launching. Jim’s drawings illustrating my musings. Let us know what you think of it, and if you like it, we’d love you to share it so we can get more feedback.

Guess who’s coming to Mindcamp for 50%? You might too!

Mindcamp Fun, Mindcamp 2018, Video

Disappointed it wasn’t you? No worries If you were one of our first 50 registrants and your name wasn’t picked, you still have a chance for riches, fame, and glory. The 49 names that weren’t picked stay in for another draw! Once we have our second 50 registrants, we’ll draw again, for… 50% of the value of a standard shared accommodation! This …

Two More Jimvids

Tim Hurson Mindcamp 2016, Video

Hi there, Jim Ridge has come up with a couple of reflective Mindcamp videos that we’d like to share here. Enjoy! The first is “The Color of the Soul”, a mini-documentary about the artistic process of Russell Thomas, our unofficial painter-in-residence (because nothing is official at Mindcamp). At 10 minutes it’s longer than most YouTube videos but well worth your …

Altitude Mindset (Jim Ridge)

Tim Hurson Video

The latest video pre-Mindcamp mind-setting from Jim Ridge: three minutes of time spent, a summer (and more) of new perspective gained! This one’s a must if you’re coming to Mindcamp.