Study CPS Facilitation in Europe

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June 24 to July 5: two intensive and practical ICSC courses led in the Netherlands by Mindcamp stars Ismet Mamnoon and Branko Broekman (both coming to Mindcamp Canada this year!): Principles in Creative Problem Solving and Facilitation of Group Problem Solving.

Only 5 Days Left….

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2019, Perishable

THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!! Only 5 days left before our prices go up to 2019 levels. Here are three more good reasons to register by next Friday: You might still be one of the first 50 registrants (we’re up to 28) and qualify for this year’s Half-Price Discount Raffle You can get in on the Mindcamp Creative Installment Plan: 4 …

First Mystery Mindcamp: Amazing!

Mindcamp Mystery Mindcamp

Yeah we did it. On March 2, Mystery Mindcamp brought together about 40 members of the creative community for — well, they didn’t know until they arrived! What it turned out to be was an opera flashmob in a busy indoor shopping mall. In the course of about 90 minutes, Maestro Álvaro Lozano Gutiérrez of Opera for All turned about …